Contact Claire:


Jessica Roth, Touchstone, Simon and Schuster Publicity

Literary Agent:

Elizabeth Kaplan, The Elizabeth Kaplan Agency



4 Responses to Contact

  1. Sue Votaw says:

    Dear Claire McMillan, I just finished your novel Gilded Age and I loved it. I read it on a snowy Saturday, didnt get anything done around my house, but that is okay the wash will be there tomorrow. Please keep writing!!! And if you are ever in St. Louis, MO I hope I can meet you. I am going to constantly check your website to see when your next novel is coming out. You are wonderful. Thank you for making my day! Sincerely, Sue

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to track down my web site and contact me. Your comment made my whole day/week. I’m so glad you enjoyed Gilded Age. I’m finishing up a draft of a new novel and plan to revise it through next year. Many thanks for your kind and generous note. All best!

  2. Caroline says:

    Hi Clarie, I read Gilded Age over the holidays and couldn’t put it down!! An excellent read. I look forward to reading your new book next summer. Cheers, Caroline

  3. JReynolds says:

    I’ve just finished reading The Necklace and what a story you’ve written! I’m always a sucker for “flashback novels” that give us a story of both the past and present, but the story you’ve told in The Necklace utterly captivated me! Such a great read, recommended to all. To see my full review:

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